Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Hat Yai Trip Photobook

Chinese New Year is around the corner! Being busy on cleaning the house for these past few days and no time to update my blog... Too many rubbish to clear up and still left a few more days to do this spring cleaning :S I wish I have more energy to complete this task! My hands are sore now :(

New year also means that I'm getting older again :S I hope that I'm getting wiser and my outlook is getting younger, haha :P The most important thing is to live happily and healthy day by day. Hence, I need to push myself to go to gym more often and exercise longer time!!

This is the last photobook as for now - Hat Yai trip. Since I was rushing for the due date to submit for printing, therefore I didn't spent much time on the theme design. I just simply select my favourite sky blue color as the cover. (Off topic thought - According to my friend, for person who likes blue also have some melancholic characteristic, I partly agree on this point :P)

Let me share with you some pictures of this book... :)

Details of this photobook:

Size - 6” x 8”
Orientation - Landscape
Cover Material - Cheap 'n' Chic Softcover (Gloss Lamination)
Content Paper Material - Art Paper 150gsm with Gloss Lamination
Total Content Pages - 40
Printing Service Company - Pixajoy

Front Cover - The famous landmark at Samila Beach, Songkhla
Content Page - Day 1 - Arrival at Hat Yai Airport
Content Page - After checked-in hotel, we were strolling around the streets around our hotel
Content Page - After lunch at Odean shopping mall, we continued our self-touring shopping trip
Content Page - Shopped around Kim Yong fresh market and ate some street hawker food
Content Page - Dinner at a chinese restaurant named "Kim Eng Restaurant" 甘英餐馆
Content Page - Walked to the night market but we reached there a bit late, all the stalls were closing for business
Content Page - Day 2 - Joined a one day guided tour to Songkhla
Content Page - Before the guided tour started, we went to Kim Yong market again
Content Page - Day 2 at Kim Yong market
Content Page - Guided tour started - First stop at Big Buddha temple, Songkhla
Content Page - More photos of Big Buddha temple, Songkhla
Content Page - More photos of Big Buddha temple, Songkhla
Content Page - Next stop at Nora Plaza souvenir shop
Content Page - After shopped at the local snack shop, our next stop was Samila Beach
Content Page - In that afternoon, not many people at Samila Beach, therefore we took as many photos as we wanted :)
Content Page - Then, we visited Nag statue and Sleeping Buddha
Content Page - After we had our relaxing Thai massage, we visited Khao Tang Kuan Hill
Content Page - Four-faced Buddha and Standing Buddha
Content Page - Beautiful sunset at Khao Tang Kuan Hill
Content Page - Delicious dinner at Log Terrace Restaurant; Day 3 - Visited Kim Yong fresh market again!!
Content Page - Farewell to Hat Yai...
Back Cover - Beautiful and clean Samila Beach

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